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Machine Maintenance

The following workstation and maintenance tips are offered to commercial customers of Altura Coffee:

Espresso machine maintenance

Keep steamer arms clean and free of milk residue. Wipe clean after frothing milk to maintain good hygiene practices.

Keep group handles and filter baskets clean by wiping out old coffee grounds in between making coffees.The group handles and filter baskets should be kept clean and soaked in water at least daily.

The groups should be chemically cleaned at least twice a week and more frequently if very busy. Good machine maintence not only ensures you are pouring great coffees but also helps prolong the life of your coffee machine.

Keep machine workstation clean by wiping down all chrome & steel surfaces with a damp cloth (Use a different cloth for cleaning of surfaces, steamer arms & groups).

Grinder maintenance

Minimise the amount of coffee you are grinding for a service period to ensure the freshness of the ground coffee. You want to end the service periods with little or no ground coffee in the dosing chamber. No ground coffee should be left at the end of the day/night.

Keep the grinder hopper clean and free from coffee oils. Periodically empty and clean the entire hopper.