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Trouble Shooting Guide

Extracting espresso coffee

The following trouble shooting guide will help you create the perfect shot of espresso. We will diagnose common extraction problems and will provide solutions designed to get you pouring a great shot of espresso. The rule of thumb is to pour a shot of espresso (25-30ml) in 25-30 seconds.

Coffee pours too slow

Coffee pours too slow

Does the coffee extraction takes longer than 30 seconds? Is the crema thin or extremely dark in appearance?

If so, possible causes are:

Overdosed coffee - There may be too much coffee dosed into the group handle. Ensure the correct amount is being dosed.

Grind too fine - The grind may be too fine. You may need to increase the coarseness of the coffee grind.

Remeber the ideal extraction time should be between 25-30 seconds for 25-30ml. Making the grind coarser will reduce the extraction time.