The Altura Difference

Altura Coffee prides itself on providing the very best coffees available. We produce a range of blended coffees, single origin varieties and estate coffees. We compliment our coffees with a range of premium loose leaf teas and pyramid teas. We stock a wide variety of cafe consumables to meet your every need including chocolates, sugars, flavours, take-away cups, lids just to mention a few. If its machinery you are looking for we also stock a wide range of coffee machines, grinders and related equipment and are happy to assist in finding the perfect machine for your needs. Browse our online shop, enquire by phone or come in and visit our showroom.


There’s nothing better than a really good cup of coffee. And there’s nothing better in the world than AA Grade coffee beans. That’s why only 5% of all of the Arabica coffee beans grown worldwide have an AA Grade rating. And that’s also why Altura Coffee only uses premium AA Grade Arabica coffee beans. AA Grade beans are grown at high altitude without the use of pesticides. They are matured for up to two years, maximising the sweetness of the natural oils in the beans. The result is organically grown coffee beans with enhanced sweetness and a fullness of flavour that is obvious in both aroma and taste. Freshly roasted in South Australia, Altura Coffee is delivering the very best in coffee experiences.


To enjoy the great taste of Altura Coffee just visit one of our valued customers. To enjoy the great taste at home simply purchase freshly roasted AA Grade coffee online. You'll love it!